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The added value to clients: Simplicity, accuracy and timing for traders and investors.

Stock Harvest Technology is a joint technology between engineers, technical analysts and financials. The combination of the three disciplines brought up an (online) application for cyclical traders. The application can be used as a trading instrument to make statistical predictions to know when it is attractive to buy or sell a stock, based on historical stock data. We offer the unique analysis instrument stock indicator prediction in the stock report - prediction report and in the advanced stock report.

We analyse stock data to predict the future stock prices. Our analyses make it possible to recognize the trading cycle. Our analyses make it clear when to buy and sell a stock, commodity or currency.

About Us

Stock Harvest B.V.

Technical analysis

Stock Harvest's team has experienced professionals and academics in the disciplines, finance, strategy, statistics and engineering. Our team has experience with the buy and sell side of stocks and derivatives, in day, week & month trading and long term investments. We are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Mission statement: To deliver excellent and unique analyses for better decision making.


We are located in the Amsterdam area, The Netherlands.


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